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What are the features of Health Infinity Premium?

A Premium subscription adds new options to Health Infinity robust feature set, increasing the app's customizability and flexibility. Everything you've accumulated in your Health Infinity account will stay just as you've built it— favorite foods, diary history, pills, etc. — but many new features are added to the mix, and some existing features get additional enhancements.

Premium features include:

Unlimited Overview details 

Look back to all your past details.

Food Rank

We rate your food and teach you to make healthier food choices.

Custom Containers

Customize water intake containers for your liking.

More Levels

Get access to all the levels in every challenge.

Custom Tags

Create unlimited custom tags and use them across the application. 

Backup your data

Securely backup all your data periodically so you won't lose them. 


Focus on meeting your goals without distraction.